Mobile App Developers are well aware of the complexity and time involved in creating a successful app. This is where mobile app development tools can certainly help you boost your productivity. We will discuss ten of those tools here and some of them are for a single platform, some for multi-platform and some also target web applications, but all are aimed at increasing efficiency of the mobile app development process. Our Mobile App Development company also focuses on using most of these tools and we recommend them to everyone in their app development process.

1. Alpha Anywhere

A wizard-drove, low code. End to end driven builder that supports various databases, iOS, Android, Windows Phone and even Desktop Applications and also has a window based IDE.

2. App Press

App Press is a Web-Based app creator that requires virtually no code and targets Android, iPhone, and iPad apps. It contains a Photoshop like the interface and is focused on designers. The platform can also be used to train designers.

3. AppArchitect

A free no-code, web-based, drag and drop platform and builder for native iPad and iPhone Apps. The company also plans to release the Android version soon.

4. Form.com

It’s a web-based platform for Mobile and Web form solutions consisting of drag-and-drop interface. It can create and replicate existing forms, setup process workflow and integrate APIs.

5. iBuildApp

Also, a web-builder offering customizable Android, iPhone and iPad templates. The company claims you can create an app in just 5 minutes using their tools.

6. QuickBase

Online platform and builder to create mobile and web database apps offering more than 300 customizable app templates. Mobile App Developers can built their apps from scratch and all of them can also be viewed as mobile sites.

7. Salesforce1

It gives a user the ability to boost the development and deployment process of Android, iOS, HTML5 and Web Apps.

8. VizziApps

VizziApps supports native Android, iOS, and Mobile Web apps. It also includes a lot of JavaScript extensions and customizations.

9. Mobile Chrome Development Kit

Like most of the Google products, this one is also available for free and targets Android, iOS and Chrome apps. However, this tool does involve coding and doesn’t expect it to be a no-code tool.

10. Appcelerator

It combines an SDK, IDE and multiple frameworks plus back-end cloud services into an enterprise level system for Mobile- App Development.

No matter what tool you, all are aimed at improving the efficiency that’s also the target of our prestigious company.

Author : Rahul Singh