Organizational Structure

We divide our work in logical components so as to make sure that no part of the process is overlooked, and no dangerous or compromising steps are made toward the completion of the client’s project in the agreed time-frame and within the specified budget.

Organizational Structure

At Kubixsoft we offer two dedicated groups for providing specialized services and IT support to clients. These groups are:

Research and Systems Development Unit (RSD):

At Kubixsoft, we have devoted research and development professionals for providing top-notch quality services and support for a wide range of IT platforms. This group delivers solutions to both the private and public sector. It is focused on service delivery for small to large-scale businesses.

Consulting and Training Unit (CT):

At Kubixsoft, we offer our clients various services tied to consulting and training with the objective to develop skills, enhancing productivity with quality. We assist our clients in streamlining how their business is run. This group comprises of experienced and certified professionals responsible for consulting and training in areas such as IT project management.