Optimize your WordPress site in 5 steps

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1. Get a good web hosting There are many reasons for one to consider choosing a good web hosting company. A few include affordability, storage capacity, bandwidth allotment, reliability, support and so on. However, this article will focus briefly on RELIABILITY AND SPEED OF ACCESS. This is important because a website that is often down
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Software development in Nigeria just took a huge leap ahead in the area of mobile application development, and this leap comes through the popularity of online gaming services. It’s likely to pay off too, to the tune of $23.9 billion in the gaming market. Nigeria currently has a flood of talented professionals in IT consulting,
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Cloud-based antivirus security

According to International Data Corporation (IDC), an UK-based market intelligence firm, global spending on cloud computing is predicted to increase by 25 percent and reach 21 billion by the end of this year. From documents and images to Office solutions – everything is migrating to the cloud these days. With the surge of cloud-dependant devices
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Install Windows 10 OS on your PC

Tired of Windows 7 or 8 or even 8.1. Now find the free Windows 10 installation OS guide completely free. Here the new installation guide brings all data, applications and system settings from older OS to all on one base. This adversely affects performance. So that means it is a new windows! Yes of course…
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Mobile App Developers are well aware of the complexity and time involved in creating a successful app. This is where mobile app development tools can certainly help you boost your productivity. We will discuss ten of those tools here and some of them are for a single platform, some for multi-platform and some also target
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Delicious cuisines just a click away!

If you plan to unleash the foodie in you today, to invite your date for an exquisite dinner at home, to have a family feast at your farmhouse or any other plans including great food to be a requisite, then you are just a click away to make your event a Super hit! Orderyourfoods.com saves
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Best technology for entrepreneurship

Internet business has come of age. With new advancements in technology emerging every day, it is a cut-throat competitive scenario for internet marketing. As the number of new marketing websites are multiplying by the day, it becomes essential to possess a powerful and magnetizing website designed exclusively and perfectly for your merchandise and services. We
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So, You Want to Develop a Mobile App?

Without a doubt, mobile device users dominate today’s society. Upwards of 90% of adults in the United States have a cell phone, with almost 60% of those being smartphones? Smartphones such as Apple’s iPhone or Google Android devices provide an opportunity to delve into the world of “apps”, mobile applications to perform actions on the
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The Future of Academic Connectivity

KubixSoft has released a new product giving educators complete control over the distribution of academic information and students the access they need to achieve academic excellence. EduSoft is a cloud service that allows users to access valuable information: course schedules, assignments, accounts, library, news, events and more. This information is easily and securely managed in
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Ideas to sell online and increase sales

It is an undeniable fact that the growing popularity of the social media websites like Facebook has radically changed the conventional online business arena. The social media platforms that were originally meant for socialising and making new connections have now become a vital marketing tool for online business owners. Both small business owners who have
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