SME. Paris, France.

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    Wholesale Distribution Business
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    04 April, 2017
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The Challenge:

To provide a software solution that integrates various business functions. Product management, Clients and Contacts management, Logistics, Quality Control, Project management, etc.


We adopted an iterative waterfall methodology for this project, carefully defining the various phases of the project.
Information Gathering: Held a series of meetings with the key stakeholders to better understand the current business processes in place and to better understand what is expected.
Software Requirement Analysis and Specifications: Based on the business narrative, we drafted the system requirements collaboratively with the client. The project team determined the technical specifications for the system.
Design & Implementation: Once we had the requirements and specifications done, we prepared wireframes, database model, and other design related activities. Implementation was carried out based on the requirements, specifications, and design.
Testing & QA: We conducted a systems test on various levels to identify any bugs, have it fixed and to ensure quality.
Launch and Project Closure: On client acceptance, the solution was released and put into use.

The Result:

80% Cost Savings & ROI

We have a culturally diverse, forward-thinking team with an innovative approach that guarantees a Return On Investment.

Improved Business Process

Eliminated bottlenecks and implemented automated processes.

Client Satisfaction 95%

Our priority was to meet the client demands.