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How hackers trick users and ways companies can effectively secure data

Hackers have ways of effectively stealing data. If hackers can bypass security programs, such as Norton, and other network defenses, encrypting emails may not help keep data safe. Company professionals may need Raid data recovery or laptop data recovery. Here are six ways that hackers use to steal customers and also business data from Raid systems and force businesses to pay for Raid 5 data recovery.
• Bad Certificate – It can be one of the easiest ways hackers steal data is to trick users into accepting a bad certificate. Did you know this is a classic strategy for those that use secure sockets layered-encryption data technology?

• Fraudulent Certificates – These may be valid certificates which have gotten past HTTPS security. They may look like legitimate certificates, but they are used for malicious things. Several companies have been tricked by what looked like valid Google certificates. Once hackers have these certificates, they can easily get past HTTPS securities.

• Stripping – All it takes is a single mistake for a hacker to gain control of your computer. For example, a website to say HTTP instead of HTTPS.

• Man in the Middle Attacks – This involves hackers eavesdropping by gaining access to webcams and microphones on your computer. This may leave you a victim and susceptible to the messages a hacker sends to your computer. While this is considered a low-level threat, it could over time mean a hacker could gain access to a computer. It also may mean you need laptop data recovery to restore sensitive data.

How can computers keep their data safe so that they are not affected by these attacks? It is no surprise that 40% of companies in a 2010 Gartner survey named patch management, identifying and allowing access to security personnel only, intrusion prevention programs, antivirus protection and also DLP as the ways to ensure a company keeps their most sensitive data safe on laptops, etc. are safe. What can companies do to see these goals are being met, in a world where third-party vendors often have the responsibility of ensuring data is safe? Having a third-party vendor may mean companies do not have to pay extra for Raid data recovery or laptop data recovery when needed. Having regular checks of a network or security system may help ensure data is safe. However, companies, too, should put into place a plan for improving their security and testing it regularly to ensure no breaches of the system are occurring. By having regular monitoring, companies can better protect their systems by recognizing a security breach before it has been rather than months after an attack and sensitive data has already been stolen. By having a detailed plan of compliance, this can help employees know how to react in a situation where a disaster relief and even a day-to-day data plan is needed. They also can also a pro to perform Raid 5 recovery, if needed.
Has your company ever had hackers bring down your network? Does your company have a data plan in place that helps them know how to protect sensitive data from hackers or keep viruses off the network? At Advanced Data Recovery London, we can help you in case your Raid system fails, or your desktop computer or laptop suffers logical data errors. Whether your data loss is because electrical outages or because of physical hardware problems, experts can help. Let us recover your data before you attempt your own data recovery.

Author: Tony O Hare.

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