Easy to Use

IT is EASY TO USE and user friendly. With just a click, you are able to create an active community of supporters, and this is guaranteed to maximize the number of votes on elections.

Wide Outreach

Political candidates today can, not only reach wide audiences spreading their message, but also gain new supporters more quickly and easily using the I VOTE CHANGE e-campaign web and mobile app. It is available for iOS and Android, and is completely FREE!

Stay Connected

Stay connected with your supporters, inform them of the news and upcoming events in your campaign, present your platform, engage your voters in polls, and review the analytic results before it comes to the Election Day.


A new dimension in political campaigns. You are now able to reach your supporters with a single click.

Engage your audience

The poll is a very useful feature to test your voters’ opinion on certain topics of debate. You also get real time analytics on results that will help you in further planning your campaign.

Drive your ideas

The online forum allows your supporters to exchange their views on current news and events, even challenge opposite opinions. It is a great place for an open discussion. Present your ideas to the voters, and elaborate on most important points of your campaign.

Grow your support base

Your message can go viral! Using push notification option, you can share information with a single click. Your supporters can also share news via social media, reaching a wider audience!

Share on social media

Political candidates can now easily share photos and videos from their rallies, political debates, interviews, etc. This provides a wide outreach for your campaign.

Pricing Plans


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