Mobile gaming in Nigeria

Software development in Nigeria just took a huge leap ahead in the area of mobile application development, and this leap comes through the popularity of online gaming services. It’s likely to pay off too, to the tune of $23.9 billion in the gaming market.

Nigeria currently has a flood of talented professionals in IT consulting, web development, internet marketing, and mobile application development. Experts are predicting an upsurge in the software industry, and IT service professionals in Nigeria are strategizing ways to mine potentials in the industry.

Recent reports estimate that the global mobile gaming market will rise annually by 27.3% then double that figure within in the next two years. PriceWaterhouseCoopers, says the worldwide video games industry will be worth nearly $87 billion in 2017. In light of these projections, software development in Nigeria is shifting to build locally-relevant mobile gaming services.

Industry experts have reiterated that technology experts are available in Nigeria. IT consulting in Nigeria has grown substantially with companies offering internet marketing, IT services, web development, and mobile application development. Still, the country spends large amounts of money on importation of software.

Kelvin Fangkai, Data Hosting Services Manager for Huawei Technologies, said, “There are lots of gaming applications in the market but no local content from Nigeria.”

Global mobile games revenue is forecast to reach $15 billion in 2018 in the US alone. China, Japan, and the US are the key markets to tap into. Rising Smartphone ownership is causing mobile games to be more increasingly more accessible globally. Starting with local based mobile application development would allow Nigeria to potentially gain a foothold into the larger markets.