At Kubixsoft Technology, we praise and protect your privacy without fail.

Your privacy is of high concern to Kubixsoft Technology. We choose to treat and store information fairly, thus not disclosing to any third-party information we come in contact with – whether it’s just an email address or a current business concern – from our clients. What is more, we observe current regulations about privacy on the web, while we engage in communications with regular customers, potential customers or inquirers about our service range.

We do not send out anonymous or automated mail to our customers, and do not build an external database of client identification, email, addresses, names, phone numbers or business specifics. That being said, we do not peril your information, since working in the information technology business we are just as concerned as you are about the diminishing right to privacy.

You can trust that we will use any information you willingly send to us fairly. Information technology is often about protecting and securing – and we think in the same manner about information we come in contact with.

If you have a particular privacy concern and wish to know how we deal with information, do not hesitate to get in contact with us. We will gladly answer any question, should anything specific related to our private policy concerns you.