Automate your business and boost productivity

SAF office is a SECURE, AFFORDABLE & FLEXIBLE solution that facilitates the flow of information between various levels of an organization. It provides management with data-driven key performance indicators for better business decisions.

Project Management

Better project management through an organized dashboard providing information on project milestones, deliverables, stakeholders, resource usage and activity tracking.

Finance & Account Management

Gain control of your business finances through detailed reports that are tailored to meet your needs towards improved budgeting, investments, and accounting.

Human Resource Management

Boost productivity in your business through an improved recruitment process, employee and leave management. Also track and monitor key resource activities within the organization.

Sales & Marketing

SAF allows you to increase your sales and to improve your marketing campaigns through an integrated process that helps you discover prospects, track leads and close opportunities. Easily access reports of your sales performance, manage inventory, customer call logs and more.

Client Management

Manage client records and Stay connected with an integrated support system that allows customers to easily request functional and technical support, access module updates and participate in the SAF community activities.

Team Collaboration

Harness the power of internet, organize project meetings and conferences from anywhere at any given time. Totally compatible with major web browsers and devices.


Communication is crucial for any business. SAF allows users to chat on the go, access event calendar, news feeds, and share resource files internally via the cloud.

Time & Attendance

Track and monitor resources usage and activities easily with daily, weekly or monthly reports on employee. Access information on time spent on projects, various tasks etc. Export reports via PDF, Excel or Print.

Webmail Integration

With an integrated email service customized to suit your business needs, you are guaranteed a 99% uptime service that is a 100% secure, unlimited email accounts, unlimited storage space and more!