Software Development


The software development process has undergone drastic changes over the years. Initially only requiring a developer to write the code of the software, advances in the industry have expanded development into a more complex process. Involving architects, analysts, programmers, testers and users to develop code. At Kubixsoft Technology, we are now capable of delivering more advanced results. We adopt a redefined waterfall methodology for software design and development. In this approach, we have introduced an agile methodology were different phases are sequenced. Each of the phases has defined entry and exit criteria. Phase transition is triggered through management decision point by signing off phase-end deliverables. This methodology is best suited when the requirements are frozen upfront and they are well documented without any ambiguity

Mobile Application

We, Kubixtech Technology, an expert web development organization offers you right solution approaches related to mobile App Development features. We give our best to satisfy you wit best evaluated results. We deal with all sorts of mobile platforms. Our work force has enough skills to deal with these mobile solutions.

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Systems Software

Our efficient manpower is engaged in working out best solutions for your desktop programs. This software is a part of the web development program. Those who are searching for latest desktop development technologies can surely contact us. We assure you with recently developed working platforms.

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Web Application

Enjoy the web development services offered by Kubixsoft Technology as we confirm your success. We are immensely satisfied as we play our parts in transformation of dreams into reality.Meeting the standards and qualities of the services we assure you with the perfect presentation with the experiences of our experts.

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Why Choose Us ?

We at Kubixsoft Technology take pride in our methodology: it’s time-tested and client-tested, and it works! We want our technology to blend in the business of the client and yield enviable results.

Commitment to quality, pledge to serve our clients’ minutest needs, brilliant solutions and top-drawer implementation and communication with the client in all project stages – this is what we constantly aim at providing.

We divide our work in logical components so as to make sure that no part of the process is overlooked, and no dangerous or compromising steps are made toward the completion of the client’s project in the agreed time-frame and within the specified budget.


Mr. Herve D.,
September 6, 2014

Our experience with Kubixsoft Technology meant that we shortly came to the conclusion they are reliable professionals who love what they do.  They provide the results in such a way that it’s pleasurable, it takes the minimum delivery time even for large-scale projects.